Action Materials maintains a large fleet of:

Dump trucks with pup trailers, transfer trailers, super dumps and tractors with belly dumps, side dumps, walking floors, end dumps, lowboys and flatbeds.

Along with a strong team of qualified HAZ-MAT approved drivers ready and available to assist you with your project hauling needs.

Action Materials serves all of the Northwest, including Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana.

Whether it is hauling from another source, hauling on-site, or exporting native material; Action Materials remains one of the leading transport companies in the Northwest.


Action Materials Delivery Services

  • Covering the greater Spokane and surrounding areas.
  • Action Materials is well equipped with dump trucks, pup trailers, and transfer trailers to meet the unique requirements of your project.
  • No matter the project size, Action Materials has a fleet of trucks available to deliver your materials to you. 
  • Are you spreading the material over a large surface area such as a drive way?  We provide a free spreading service which will save time, money and of course hard work. *Results may vary, and are not guaranteed.

Recycling (concrete, asphalt & clean green)

Conscious of the impact our industry has on our environment, Action Materials is able to recycle 100% of all materials brought to us for recycling, even if we are unable to process it into a reuasble product it still gets used in-house through the process of reclamation.  At our locations we recycle only native debris, concrete and asphalt.


  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Dirt/Rock
  • Sod/Topsoil
  • Clean Green

Unsure how much material you need?
Use our volume calculator to help figure out your exact needs.